Thursday, July 30, 2009

Road Trip, day 2.
We are still in Kelowna and heading off to Vancouver Island tomorrow morning. There are so many farmers markets, fruit stands and orchards here - an abundance of fresh produce. At any time you can find yourself driving behind a vintage farm truck loaded to the gills with apricots or a slow moving tractor hauling a trailer full of corn. My mum and I picked a bounty of Lapin cherries today at the U-Pick cherry orchard - what a nice change of pace after a busy month in the studio. I am looking forward to getting on the ferry tomorrow to the island - I'll take lots of pictures - and I think I have finally figured out how to get my Iphone images onto Twitter.

I took this picture today at my parent's house. My parents have a huge collection of paintings and this is my dad's favourite. Doug painted this enormous painting for him about 15 years ago and it hangs in their dining room. He painted this in his granny's root cellar on her farm and I think it's wonderful - I hope you like it too.
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