Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Botanical posters
I know I featured these botanical posters before but, at that time, I noticed that they were not easy to find online - I couldn't find a vendor for these anywhere. Well these, and many others, are now available here along with a lot of other strange, but kinda interesting stuff. These are not reproductions they are still currently being produced by the same people in Germany who have been producing them since the 1950's. They are very good quality - mounted on canvas backing and have wooden dowles at either end. I think that most of them have black backgrounds because they were hung over the chalk boards at schools and rolled down for science class (we had these at our school, I think they had been there for years because they were a bit ratty.) These are very cool and would look great decorating kids rooms, sun porches, kitchens maybe. They are available at Evolution(in Soho NY) which is a strange little curiosity shop stuffed to the gills with weird but interesting "specimens". The last time I posted these I had no response at all from readers. Am I the only person that thinks these are way cool (do you think they are slightly creepy?  - you can tell me!)

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