Wednesday, February 4, 2009

NY Gift Show | Lazy Susan
For the best merchandising at the show the prize goes to Lazy Susan. walking into the their booth was like walking into one of your favourite stores. Everything was so perfectly staged and the lighting was fabulous, the products just glowed like museum pieces. I was not familiar to the Lazy Susan brand but I had such a great chat with the designer(Renee Wightman) who was so interesting to talk to. She designs everything in their collection and then sources the manufacturers and the materials to produce the line as she visions it. What I found remarkable was the materials used. What I thought was a collection of white porcelain vessels turned out to be white powder coated aluminum. The cloud like lampshades are made of corrugated plastic sheeting. The black mirror is made of coconut leaf and beads, though it looks like leather. The organic, ruffled lampshade is made of dried petals(can't remember now exactly what kind of petals she said it was.) This kind of imagination and craftsmanship impresses me so much - I was quite humbled by it all.

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