Thursday, February 12, 2009

New York Gift Fair | The Ross Art Group
On a first glance at these pictures you might think - oh yeh, I've seen posters like those before! That's what I thought. Until I realized that these are the real thing. These are not reproductions these are ORIGINALS. We loved this booth at the Gift Fair. We spent ages looking through all the amazing art. The Ross Art Group is a Manhattan Gallery that specializes in vintage posters. Most of these are lithographs from the 30s and 40s(some older, some newer). It was great to chat to the owners who take so much pride in their collection of vintage treasures. Most designers at some point in their careers have had a mild to strong obsession with vintage posters and will appreciate the commitment that these people have taken to rescue and preserve these wonderful works of art.

You have probably seen this Leonetto Cappiello poster(above) as a reproduction in many cafe and bistros around the country. Well this is an original and the price tag on it is $25,000. It's worth every penny if you ask me!

This was Dougs favourite booth at the show. It just made his day to see original posters like these. Hope you enjoyed the pictures too.
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