Thursday, February 26, 2009

Le Posh
Let's embrace our shabby side this morning. I don't know about you but I still love a certain element of vintage french styling. I know the whole Eiffel Tower craze is over but I am still drawn to its elegant design and the Parisian lifestyle that it represents. Anyone who has been to Paris knows that if you fly in to Charles De Gaulle airport at night you fly right over the city and the tower is completely lit up like a torch - it's so exciting. And when you get up in the morning and go for your breakfast most cafes still serve their cafe latte in bowls just like these. Our favourite vintage store, here at the cafe, is Posh in Chicago and if you are craving a good shot of vintage Parisian style well they have beaucoup!

This is my fave - I'd really love to have this Pastis bottle - must watch out for one locally - or must go get one in Paris - ha!

Did I ever tell you that I have this crazy(large) collection of vintage Eiffel Tower postcards - I started collecting them about 15 years ago. I'll show them to you sometime - just don't tell anyone 'cos, you know, that craze is like so OVER!
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