Thursday, January 8, 2009

Frequently asked question | Round 2 
Another question that I get asked often is regarding this card holder that I photographed at Tinsel Trading in NYC last summer. People really seem to be drawn to this object for the same reason as I was - a great way to display cards and ephemera. So I thought I would do a little investigative work to see if I could find anymore online. There must be hundreds of these around today because every company had one for years and years - the junk stores must be full of them. Here's what I found . . . . 

There are actually lots of them on Ebay - easy to spot the vintge ones. I like the steel ones but there are some nice wood ones too. So on Ebay I searched using the words "time card rack". The bottom picture is from Three Potato Four. The middle right picture is from here. Happy hunting!
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