Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Window Shopping | Wisteria
Not sure when I ran across this collection of wares . . .  there are a few things here that I think are quite interesting . . . . 

I am rather intrigued by these religious icons(above) especially the carved wooden one above. I just like their vintage decorative quality.

This new chair looks just like the amazing, fairy tale-like, faux bois furniture that you can buy at the Paris flee markets.

This blanket is gorgeous, there's something about blankets that have contrasting patterns on the reverse that I LOVE don't you?

This elephant bell is so familiar to me. We had lots of these around the house when I was growing up - in all different sizes (long story!)
These are interesting too - Victorian drawings of Parisian Gardens - the top one looks like a Spirograph creation!
I really like these pillows and that sofa - love linen and burlap together and those wild pillows with the oversized pattern(below) are just crazy cool!

This is a fabulous drafting chair - nice combination of plywood and steel - and that bookshelf looks interesting too.

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