Thursday, August 7, 2008

Illustration and Design | Jessica Hische

During the day Jessica Hische works at Louise Fili's studio - designing beautiful books like these. Jessica is also a freelance illustrator and designer who specializes in hand lettering. Please check out her web site and prepare to be humbled by her talents.

If you are interested in Illustration you may have noticed a trend towards naive, loose, unstructured illustration and hand lettering recently. Sometimes it looks cool and edgy but, more often than not, it just looks like a six year old drew it. Maybe it's my more conservative side that finds it reassuring to find someone like Jessica who obviously loves to apply elegance and real craftsmanship to her work - it's a beautiful thing! Jessica lives in Brooklyn and illustrates for clients such as Penguin, Scholastic and Chronicle. I know you will enjoy her work.
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