Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Window Shopping | Graham and Green

I still have a lot of friends in the UK - and I seem to have to send them gifts on a frequent basis - you know, birthdays etc.
So for the last few years I have found it easier to order gifts from British, mail order, online stores and then I know that the gift will arrive on time and it can be returned if it's not right. One of my favourite places to orders gifts is Graham and Green. So I thought that this morning we would just have a little eye candy from their current collection. . . no pressure this morning just relax and enjoy . . . 

I love this - it reminds me of a similar door stop we had when we were kids - a big stone elephants foot that my grandparents brought back from India.

These buckets are made from recycled tires - I love the fancy bellows too.

A black glass, venetian cut mirror - isn't it fabulous ? (Not sure that I would leave it propped up on the floor with a springer spaniel in the house though!)  Graham and Green have the most wonderful photography on their website and their stores in London are gorgeous. I hope you have enjoyed this little self indulgent window shopping trip as much as I have!
Graham and Green have shops on the King's Rd, Elgin Park and Regent's Park Rd, in London . . . take a look at their website it's faster than going to London and it doesn't involve airline food.
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