Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Bloggers Week

I thought since this is the end of the week (is a bloggers week only 5 days long?) I would include a few images that didn't quite make it to this weeks posts. Mostly they are pictures that I took in New York, in no particular order. People keep asking me what camera I am shooting with and I have to confess I am using my iPhone. Yup!

This first image is a store on Bleeker Street - it sells a lot of very stylish cowboy and western gear all displayed in antique shop fixtures. I don't really have a thing for western gear but I am a sucker for a beautiful old store front and I am sucker for Bleeker Street. Does anyone know the name of this store? - it's right by the Bonpoint store - oh, note to self, must do post on Bonpoint.

The next couple of pictures may look familiar to a few readers. I was lucky enough to visit Tinsel Trading just a couple of weeks before they move into the their new location. It's an amazing space and an amazing retail environment. You know they have been in this location for 75 years - and there is 75 years worth of cool stuff every where you look. I can't imagine what kind of challenge it will be to move this store. While I was there they were busy tidying out the basement boxes - some of which hadn't been opened in 50 years!

uch of what they sell at Tinsel is new old stock. Spools and spools of 50 year old trim and ribbon. Some of their oldest trim is metalic victorian brocade. They still sell it by the yard - and they keep it under glass. Everywhere you look there are boxes of wooden spools and sequins and feathers. The store fixtures themselves are worth the visit!

don't know who's cards these are. They are lovely and they looked really great displayed on this vintage time card rack. I also love the way they were displaying cards without plastic sleeves, I am a big fan of that. If you can make it in to Tinsel Trading before they move that would be great - but I am sure that the new store will be just as impressive.

Tinsel Trading is located currently at 47 West 38th St, New York and they are moving to 1 West 37th St in August. They are open until 5:30 everyday and closed on Sundays. Go now!

And finally I am going to leave you with a view from my neck of the woods( just in case you think we've gone mad and moved to New York). Because it's all very well living in the middle of nowhere but it only works if you get out to the middle of SOMEWHERE on a frequent basis.

And I'd like to say thanks to everyone who stopped by this week. I hope you can make Cafe Cartolina part of your regular reading schedule. And if you've enjoyed the posts this week and you think you've got a picture, a product or just a story I'd like to know about, drop me a line, write a few comments or email me some pictures - I'd love that :-)
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