Monday, July 14, 2008

Abacus Beads, Nelson, BC

Today I had to run out to Abacus Beads. 
I love Erin's store. It's not the biggest bead shop in the world but it has an amazing selection of semi-precious stones that Erin buys from locals who spend their winters in Asia and South America. If you are not into skiing then the winters are pretty long here so it's quite tempting to head off to exotic places for the season. I for one am happy to stay home and hit the slopes but I am very grateful to the non-skiers who bring back the beautiful gem stones to Abacus. Erin doesn't have a web site so here are a few pictures that I took this  morning.

I love the way Erin merchandises her shop in abundance using vintage wine glasses and old cabinets. I can spend hours in here!

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