Monday, March 14, 2011

All Saints

On Saturday we were having a wonderful wander around SF with our friends Martin and Cate from Blanket. It was the only wet day that we had on the trip so we spent a lot of time in shops, restaurants and wine bars! Cate and I squealed when we ran across All Saints (Cate used to live in London so she was very excited to see a familiar shop) So if you look carefully at these images you can see that every window of this tall storefront is filled with cast iron, victorian, sewing machines - seriously there are hundreds of them! This is so up my alley I couldn't wait to explore the interior. So I sent Doug on a photo shoot while Cate and I drooled over the bags, shoes and jewelry(not so much the clothes, that seemed to be a bit 'Goth' for us.)

Note the sewing machines in all the windows.

How cool is this traditional white and gold window decal?

Sewing machines, sewing machines, sewing machines . . . .

Can you see the wooden spools on the wall? - there are hundreds of them(below)

The retail space itself is so impressive with huge industrial fixtures, tables and signage.

All Saints, 140 Geary Street, San Francisco 94108


Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Fiona, so glad you saw this shop! I recently went for the first time and ADORED the decor! I bought a little wallet. As you said, the clothing is a bit goth, but the vintage touches of the store...fab! Hope you had fun here in SF!!

Nantucket Mermaid said...

I think there is one in Soho in NYC...I remember all of those sewing machines in the window....on Broadway, I think. Glad you had a nice trip!

Claudia said...

I went to this store in London and I was tricked! The window display was just like the one you saw and I remember thinking it would be all cool vintage things. The clothes weren't really my style, but I did find a great belt. Loved the window display though!

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