Sunday, March 13, 2011

There's an Anthropologie hidden away in a lovely little shopping plaza in Carmel. My trusty photographer likes shooting in Anthro because everything is so beautifully styled. Often I am finished shopping and I have to wait for 20 minutes while he continues to photograph all the loveliness. I don't buy much at Anthro because much of what they sell is made in China. But I definitely appreciate their style. I really liked these cups and plates. The cups have tiny sailing ships like tattoos inside of them. And ancient looking red seals on the bottom/inside is very cool. Then, you flip them over and they have giant octopus tentacles wrapping around the rim. If you know me at all you know that I LOVE vintage engravings used in a contemporary application - so these are - simply - fab - fab - fab!

Another thing that caught my eye was this pillow cover which I think is quite superb. It's a contemporary illustration using a vintage style of no particular reference and it is quite brilliant. I hope these pictures do it justice because it's so very unusual and simply stunning up close. My trusty photographer assured me that the light was awful and this was the best he could do in the situation ;-)

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