Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Maybe I'm actually living in the wrong house. The house we own right now is 18 years old. All our previous houses were well over a hundred years old. I love all the old features of a heritage home but I don't like the leaky taps and the draughty windows and the lack of electrical outlets. In a perfect world I would love to live in a fully updated victorian house with high ceilings and wood floors and a cleaning lady - not really, but I do like this house . . . .

I absolutely love this weird faded blue rug on the floor


Aisha said...

oooh fiona! this house is just fabulous and lovely!! love love the play of color and yet the white walls...the living rug and sofa are just tooo lovely....whose adorable place is this?? where is it :)btw i have recently come across your blog and love it!! im going to selfridges tmrw to buy one of ur notebooks(am thinking of starting a blog--and wht a better place to jot down my ideas other than ur pretty notebooks)
Best wishes
Aisha :)

jody mcdowell said...

usually, mainly white spaces don't catch my eye like this place did. it has an awesome playful feel and the light is so amazing!

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