Friday, January 22, 2010

Illustration and submissions
Every day I try to promote creative people and their businesses. I was lucky right from the beginning with Cartolina because lots of bloggers featured our designs and it was great exposure - I had never even heard of a design blog until Jan at Poppytalk featured our first line of stationery about 4 years ago on her blog. When other artists ask me for advice I always suggest that they cultivate relationships with bloggers. I am surprised that I don't get more submissions here from artists but very pleased when Khristiana Howell sent me a link to her very pretty surface designs - here are my favourites

You can see more lovelies from Khristiana at her site here. Thanks for getting the ball rolling Khristiana!


Cate said...

Such pretty designs, love them. Popping over to see her now

marzi said...

these are just lovely. love the vibrancy!

khristian a. howell said...

wow! thanks for such a wonderful post!! its always nice to see what others will gravitate to. thanks so much!

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