Friday, January 22, 2010

Feature wall anyone?
Have you ever wanted to create one of those feature walls that you see so perfectly displayed with a montage of picture frames? If you've ever tried it it can be quite a challenge. But now you can by this kit that includes a template, all the frames and a system for hanging - from the Picturewall Company - it's a great idea. I wonder what the quality is like?


Cate said...

Thank God!! A stop to thousands of unwanted holes in my walls

marzi said...

oooh! one of my biggest pet peeves! people who can't hang photos straight, or in a pleasing manner! now if i could only get these people to buy this! (hopefully nobody thinks this of my house!) ;)

Pfeiffer Photos said...

I created my own with simple instructions from a Pottery Barn design/DIY book. I spray painted a variety of wood frames from the thrift shops, made templates on the backs of brown grocery sacks, and my trusty level kept it all straight and pretty. We get compliments on our feature wall from everyone who sees it. :)

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