Friday, March 13, 2009

Pretty Packaging | Mast Brothers
I have wanted to do a post on Mast Brothers Chocolate for months but I haven't been able to find any good images of the chocolate bars. I stumbled on these pictures yesterday and they are perfect(I'm rather picky about the images that I use here, as you may have noticed!) So now you can see the lovely paper that they use to wrap their chocolate bars in. I have never tasted their chocolate so I can't give you a review but they have a cute web site and look like quirky guys  - so they probably make good chocolate. 

Valuable Chocolate tip: We consider ourselves chocolate experts here at the Cartolina studios, in other words we eat a lot of it - and we are very picky(wow I've used that word twice in one post). Thanks to Lisa, who mails it to us, we are getting a good supply of my new favourite chocolate - from Cocoa Nymph(made in Vancouver) - 64% dark bar with sea salt and caramel - yummo! You can get it at the Vancouver Urban Fare stores - but don't buy it all  :-(
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