Monday, February 23, 2009

Road Trip | Under The Sun
On the way back up to Canada we took a different route and drove through the tiny town of Bonners Ferry. We found this amazing little store called Under The Sun. They have such great stuff and wonderful displays. I spoke to the owner and she said that the original store was a hardware store for years and years and when they took over they didn't change a thing - kept all the original wall shelving and hardware bins! Checkout the way they display their great selection of wine in the bins that used to hold nuts and bolts(below).

What a great little shop - this was a new one for me and gives me another good excuse to go on Saturday, cross-border road trips. 
Note: Much to Doug's disgust, free trade doesn't apply to California Cabernet - and if I have to listen to him rant about this one more time . . . .

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