Monday, February 23, 2009

Road Trip | Cabin Fever
So we jumped into the car on Saturday morning and drove south from here. Within about an hour we hit the US border and find ourselves in a pretty remote part of northern Washington and Idaho. The closest city is 2 more hours south, Spokane WA. There actually are some benefits to living in the middle of nowhere - some very well kept retail secrets - one of which has made my 'top shop' list in the past - Cabin Fever in Sandpoint Idaho. Sandpoint is a lot like Nelson - a small, lakeside, ski town that was originally a silver mining town in the 1890's so there are some lovely old buildings and a few great shops. You could drive right through Sandpoint and not really notice that the retailers and restaurants cater to a hi-end summer/winter resort crowd(it's all well hidden within the friendly, heritage facades of the 3 blocks they call downtown.) We had a delicious lunch at the swanky wine bar at Coldwater Creek and then headed to the half dozen stylish little shops. Cabin Fever has been in this location for 20 years and the owner Rebecca has VERY good taste. She carries everything from clothes, to jewelry, furniture and stationery - as I have mentioned before, I love this store. Here's a small glimpse into her world . . . 

Isn't this a great way to display Moleskine notebooks?

Can you see these sweet, little, mercury glass, hanging light fixtures(above)?

I really like this dinnerware with the hallmarked pewter edges.

It's hard to take a photo of a lamp! I guess that's why they always use black shades in magazine shoots! Love this shade.

Next door and down the stairs is the clothing store. Lots of organic cotton, cashmere and leather belts, boots and bags. I really like the sexy little military shirts(below). I love the way everything is displayed on vintage tables and cupboards. You know, when we first moved to the Kootenays we used to go down to the Sandpoint area to buy vintage, painted cupboards and tables at the thrift stores!  They aren't quite so easy to find anymore but  we did spot a few in the junk stores we were trolling through on Saturday. 

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