Monday, February 23, 2009

Here's one for all your crafty folk out there. 
We were poking around in this junk store in Sandpoint and I picked up this very cute pillow. It's a simple gingham shell with wonderful, black and white, hand embroidery that follows the checkered pattern. It is so sweet! Reminds me of the lap bags we had to make in grade 5(did you have to make one of those or is that just a silly British thing?) I for one am going to try this. If you can't quite make out the detail, email me and I will send you a higher res image and then you can send me a picture of your own creation.

So I didn't buy much on my road trip - just had fun looking!  BUT, after I found the above pillow I did find 2 more pieces for my collection of weird small wooden things - small skittle and darning egg - see above!


AnnaVallance said...

I have been collecting sock darners and now find that they are hard to come by.

Jen said...

Again, great photos! You have such restraint. I don't need to take a camera on my shopping trips because I usually just take everything home and I can just take photos there :) Window shopping is a foreign concept; now my excuse is that I'm helping boost the economy!

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