Monday, February 2, 2009

Back to our neck of the woods.
Well it's nice to be back here in BC after a very busy week on the other side of the continent. Our main purpose was to go to the Gift Show but we had loads of time to walk for miles and miles and be inspired by all that makes New York the fabulous city it is. 
We collected a hopper full of blogging material but now I realize that I have A LOT of work to do to sort through all the photographs that Doug took. So the plan is to feature some of my favourite things from the Gift Show for the first few days this week and then starting maybe Wednesday or Thursday I would love to show you some of my favourite New York interiors, stores, streets, cafes, buildings etc. And yes I promise we will have pictures from the Martha show. Doug was the official Cartolina photographer and he did a great job - even though I kept asking him to leap out into oncoming traffic to take pictures for me - thanks Doug!

So check back often - the first few days of this week we will feature some wonderful indie producers that we met at the show and then New York stuff in the middle of the week ( I just have to sort through all the aprox 500 photographs - good grief!)

(And if you haven't visited Cafe Cartolina for a few days check out my posts from last Tuesday and Friday  for more NY images.)

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