Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hello from NYC
Well we left our neck of the woods on Sunday morning(view from the departure gate at our local airport below). Arrived in NYC late Sunday night - exhausted and very excited!

First thing I had to do on Monday morning was visit the Hearst Media building in midtown Manhattan to meet an editor from Country Living magazine. That was fun - really enjoyed meeting her and I left some Cartolina samples that they are interested in shooting for a summer issue - hopefully they will make the cut. From there we took the shuttle bus to the Javits Centre and the gift show.

Believe it or not this is just a fraction of the show(above).

The show is huge - you have to see it to believe it. Endless aisles of vendors booths. So much beautiful design and products - very inspiring. We enjoyed visiting with our sales rep and her team and we visited with some buyers. Our products were featured in the "sustainability display" (above) in the enormous foyer of the Javits centre. I loved viewing all the other green products and was proud to be included.
We spent the rest of the day walking the show - but we spent so much time chatting to people that we barely made it through a fraction of one floor. Doug took loads of photographs and I can't wait to show you some wonderful things that caught my eye(I'll save all the good stuff for next week). I found that vendors were very keen for us to take pictures and be blogged - which was great. I have lots to tell you and I will try and write another post this week - Martha Stewart tomorrow - can't wait! Stay tuned - more on Friday.


Cicada Studio said...

I saw your work at your booth! Sorry I missed you- heard you had been there, but I was too late. Hope you got my card :)
I'm so happy to hear your experience is good- can't wait to see what beauties you show, as I saw so much, I can't remember a thing!

Julie said...

It all sounds very exciting! Can't wait to hear/see more next week!

Brittany Noel said...

Oh my goodness, that place is huge! Can't wait to see the photos!

Linda said...

I'm really enjoying hearing about your trip. Can't wait to see more photo's of all things you spotted.

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Hope you brought comfy shoes...have fun!

cartolina said...

Thanks ladies. Sorry I missed you Michelle - we were minutes away from each other. Did you enjoy the show?
We just got back from the Martha taping it was so interesting and a way more beautiful experienece than I expected.

More soon!
Thanks for checking in everyone.

Jennifer Ramos said...

LUCKY YOU...i wish i was back in my hometown! Best of luck to you!

Jen Ramos

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