Thursday, January 29, 2009

Live from New York, it's . . . . 
 . . Fiona, with very sore feet! Good grief we have walked a long way this week but we have had great fun and taken LOTS of photographs. So here's a random glimpse into what we have been up to - and what I have to show you next week. Thanks for checking in this week - see you Monday :-)

Skating at Rockefeller Centre. 

Wine bar in the Village. 

Greenwich Letterpress - stationers extraordinaire! 

Thomas Paul at the Gift Fair. 

Absolutely brilliant textiles from England(more next week). 

Fabulousness at ABC. 

Googly eyed, lumpy glass dog at Fish's Eddy

The art of the spool - Tinsel Trading


AnnaVallance said...

Love your pics of NY- can't wait to see more.

Brittany Noel said...

Thank you thank you for showing all of this to those of us stuck at home! Those pillows are fantastic and I am so in love with those scarves. I would love to see a profile of that company.

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Ooo...the skating! The stationers shop! These are wonderful. Sit down and soak those feet, girl, lol! :-D

Cicada Studio said...

I adore Tinsel Trading- it's been ages since I've been.

Style Guide said...

Hurry up Monday... I can't wait to hear and see it all - especially about MARTHA!

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