Monday, December 8, 2008

Inspiration | Elizabeth House
A year or so ago I started reading a blog by Elizabeth. Elizabeth from what I can tell had/has a store in St Louis Missouri, is/was an avid blogger and in between all that she is an amazing stylist and photographer with the most impressive collection of props. These images are taken from her blog, her store site and her photographers portfolio. I am still unsure if any, or all, of these sites are active or not. I am in awe of her styling capabilities. I think she has worked for Victoria Magazine, Romantic Homes and Home Companion. Sorry to be so vague!

One of the other reason I enjoyed her blog way back was because she gives some really good tips for wholesaling giftware to boutiques. So if you are a business owner looking for wholesale advice she has a lot to offer from a business owners point of view. I learned a lot from her.


julie said...

I just met Elizabeth this weekend ~ we were both vendors at Miss Frenchie's Holiday Market.
She is an amazing and talented person bursting with energy ~ I ended up buying a beautiful bedframe from her! If you haven't already, you should visit the Curious Sofa blog and store sites ~ Debbie is one of Elizabeth's good friends and has a style you will love as well!

By the way, you have one of the best blogs ever ~ I hope to do a post about it sometime soon ~ I look forward to checking it out every day!

Cathe said...

Love the imagery and now I'm going to zip over to read her tips! Thanks for sharing, Fiona!

Elizabeth said...

How very sweet of you to feature some of my photos and design work!
To clarify: I used to have a retail store, Elizabeth House, but no longer have a store. I am a contributing editor for Romantic Homes, I write and photograph my design work, I still take on private clients at times, design bedding and furniture, write my blog, and I plan on doing another show in KS City in April. There is more, but that is the jist. I enjoy your blog, and I found it through Julie Reed, who is by the way, amazingly talented! Thank you again!

cartolina said...

Great to meet you Elizabeth - thanks for leaving your comment - I'm a big fan!

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