Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Your input required please!
Fellow blogger and Nelsonite Andrea Bell is developing a line of organic linens and housewares in hemp, silks, bamboo and organic cotton. Andrea has a background in the fashion industry and is inspired by the possibilities of all the newest natural and organic textiles available to us these days. Nelson is a great place to develop such a line because everyone is so eco-conscious here - BUT she does need some input from outside of our neck of the woods so I would love it if you would go over to her blog and fill in her little questionaire about your shopping habits(don't be shy!) Thanks - it's great to be able to help out an Indie business in the making. Good luck Andrea!

I think you may also really like Andrea's blog - she has some great local and international finds on there - and she's a way better writer than I am!
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