Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello everyone - welcome back for a whole new year at Cafe Cartolina! I'm excited. This time last year I was making big changes at Cartolina. I knew it would be a big scary year as we tackled a whole new distribution model, selling cards to buyers in more places around the world than I ever would have expected. I love that Cartolina has found such appreciation in the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand - and I am so grateful to everyone who has made that happen in the last 12 months. So let's say hello to a whole new year - it's looking pretty good so far!


Alicja said...

Wow! Discovering your blog this morning was such inspiring!!!! I'm in love:))) And will be back again and again. Thank you for sharing your world and your great talent.
Warm, warm hugs from Poland -
xoxo, Alicja

Maribel Coscoxo said...

Hi Fiona, I'm going to post your work in my blog Coscoxo. I think you create wonderful items. I hope that contributes to sell in Spain and South America too!!!

Pinecone said...

Gosh, I love coming here everyday!

I am a follower as of today, even though I have been reading you forever.

Your blog is so beautiful, and each post is eye candy...love!

Mlle Paradis said...

Happy New Year! Leaving again with that warm fuzzy feeling! Look forward to a 2011 full of goodies from-and-for C.C.! Cheers!

Paula said...

Happy New Year! It's so inspiring and just plain wonderful to see talented people succeeding! Wishing you a magical 2011, Paula

The Devil Makes Work said...


I really love your iPhone app, I use it all the time to send little notes to people. Thank you!

Isabelle Lafleche said...

Hello Fiona, wishing you a very happy new year filled with creative success! Best wishes, Isabelle

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