Friday, September 24, 2010

We have giveaway winners!
Thanks to all of you who sent me a Cartogram, who Tweeted and who blogged the giveaway! I really wanted to say thanks to those of you who downloaded the Cartolina app in the last few days - the response has been absolutely overwhelming. Thank you! So I have randomly picked 3 winners to get some fab Cartolina loot in the mail. I printed out all your posts, Tweets and Cartograms and Doug, blindfolded, picked them from the big glass salad bowl So, the winners are - Beatrice Howell, Nyla Free and Lisa Tilse. Congratulations ladies! Send me your addresses asap and I'll pop your pretty parcels in the mail!


Brittany at Home Ground said...

Congrats to the lucky, lucky and more lucky winners!

The Zhush said...

An app? WOW, how cool is that!?

Teralee Trommeshauser said...

Hi Fiona! I'm just running out the door to go back to the "Business Bootcamp" and just in case I don't get to see you there today I wanted to say how pleased I was to get to meet you! You gave a wonderfully informative speech and your products are so beautiful (just like you!). Thank you so much for all the gifts! I hope we can get in touch again, take care!


PS: this is the only way I could think of the message you, as I don't have a Twitter account

Flourishing Networks said...

Well done looks really impressive. Not up to date with apps as yet however your inspiration is helping me understand it all a bit more now. Looks amazing ....totally!!!!

lisa :: the red thread said...

No WAY! I am so excited! Thanks so much Fiona!
I've been on vacation for 2 weeks - just got back and popped in to see what I'd missed here while I was away. What a lovely surprise. I'll email you now.

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