Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Big Day!

The big day is finally here - I am so proud to announce that our Cartolina iPhone app is now available at the iTunes store. So in case you've been living under a rock for the last week let me introduce you to the big project we've been working on for months: Our app is all about sending brief but beautiful messages using one of our customizable Cartograms. Pretty up someone's inbox today with a Cartogram from the Cartolina iPhone app. Choose from the selection of designs, customize your message and then you can either email or text it to the recipient. The Cartolina app supports multiple languages, allows you to send to multiple recipients and it also includes an integrated calendar which sends you automatic reminders - so you'll never miss a birthday again. Click here to see all the Cartograms and to find a direct link to the app store.
It was so fun yesterday to watch the app roll out around the world - first it showed up at the Latvian app store around 4pm, then Australia, New Zealand - very exciting. I hope you have fun with it if you choose to download it. I have all ready started designing a selection of new Cartograms for the next update. Thanks for all your support and good luck wishes over the last few days - I am very grateful to you :-)

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