Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I saw this fabulous photographers work at Ill Seen Ill Said and fell in love with the colors and the mood and the general shabbiness. This is the work of Janne Peters. Magnolias are just starting to bloom here and they are such a great way to announce spring aren't they?


Charlotta Ward said...

Wow - I was just at her site yesterday. It is so cool!

Magnolias are fantastic and I love it when the trees here in Sydney are in full bloom.
I bring home branches of them for everywhere in my house.


Jane Flanagan said...

Thanks for the link love! Glad you like these as much as I do :)

Suzanne said...

oh so pretty!
i'm also loving the blooming magnolia trees right now. (and the cherry trees too of course :) in fact, on the way to work this morning my hubby and i made a note to come back to a few we drove by to take pictures of them this weekend.

brain°°collages said...

it's favorite flower, so pretty
the principal's flower of spring
thancj you for my eyes!

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