Friday, March 5, 2010

I thought you might like this collection of beautifully curated bookshelves from Julie at Remodelista. Look closely - they are so wonderfully organized. The first example is so haphazard, I love it and second one is steel coated to look like zinc - it's fabulous. More information here.


Three Owls said...

That first shelf looks so haphazard but I'm betting that a lot of time was spent deciding exactly where to put everything and how to space the shelves...everything fits just's wonderful.

The Armchair Parisian said...

My favorite is the first shelves. So very interesting to ones eye... Now, to go figure out where in my house I can build this (or, more to the point, supervise my husband building it...).

AnnaVallance said...

Can never have enough shelves. The first photo looks like the shelves we made for our daughter's bathroom.

Sarah said...

I always find it so inspiring to see how people organize their books, usually such a loved and prized possession.

Sarah from

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