Thursday, March 4, 2010

Here is the first of my collections images - I don't think I did a very good job, it's kind of small and looks like it's missing something in the bottom right corner - the next one will be much more interesting - but I want it to be impulsive too! So I will include a little description with all images - starting clockwise from top left - small wood hand from junk box in Dougs studio(looks like it fell of a santos), bunch of small luggage tags on wires from millinery stall at Paris flea market, round paper box from Paris flea market, 2 Chinese paper boxes that used to contain tiny imported glass animals, fat Lyra pencils from Waldorf School shop in Nelson that are too pretty to use, tiny paper greeting labels from stamp market in Rome, wine bottle marker with bendy copper arms to go around bottle neck from Paris flea, handful of beach glass from the wee beach right below the Mile Zero sign in Victoria, key that my mother insisted was antique but I don't believe her, original luggage label from package of mixed ephemera bought from Argentinian seller on EBay. Stay tuned for more fascinating collections. Bet you can't wait ;-)
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