Monday, February 8, 2010

Show & Tell.
Good morning - it's great to be back, hope you missed me! We had a great trip to the shows. I met lots of wonderful people - thanks to everyone for coming out to say hello! It was exciting to see what's new in the paper and gift industry and to meet some of our new sales reps and distributors. Most of all, for me, it was great to take a break, step away from the studio for a week and see things from a buyer's perspective. I was really proud to see all our Cartolina product on display in the booths and talk to some of our retail buyers. I learned a few things - buyers really do want beautiful, eco-friendly product - hooray! They really do want recycled paper goods and environmentally friendly printing processes(the time and research it took to set up our eco printing credentials was really worth it after all.) I learned that spending our production dollars here in Canada and the US pays off. The option to produce overseas has been presented to us time and time again but now I know that buyers really do care that we are a domestically produced stationery line. Most of all, I learned that we really can do big business from our little design studio at the lake in Nelson BC - a place I was very happy to come home to :-)

Isn't this fun? Doug took this picture in Kensington Market, Toronto.
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