Thursday, December 10, 2009

So do they just not produce Spirographs anymore? Did your kid ask Santa for a Hypotrochoid Art Set for Christmas? This looks suspiciously like a Spirograph - it just doesn't have all the parts - so how good can it really be? If you really need to have one of these you can get it at Restoration Hardware - I wonder if Mr Spiro knows about this?

I was alerted to this by my good paper pal Molly at Artful Sentiments - thanks Molly!


Molly said...

They do still make the full sized spirograph, Fiona! That would be even more fun to play with now, wouldn't it?

BJ Lantz said...

Man, does that bring back memories of many, many content hours. I adored my Spirograph set and took extra good care of it. So good, I have no idea what ever happened to it. I wonder when I stopped playing with it...?

Christine said...

Wow, so true..memories. When I go home for Christmas I'm going to ask my mom if she has our old spirograph still hanging around. Could make some cool cards with it!

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