Friday, November 13, 2009

The tag team
Today I would like you to meet my clever friends Cate and Martin and their brilliant new business Blanket. These fabulous little gems are actually super stylish ID tags for your dog or cat to insure that, if they ever goes missing, they can be indentified and returned to you by means of the very clever Blanket website. I'm sure you'll agree that this is such a great idea. Each tag has a unique number that you register at the website - you enter all your animals details, size, colour, breed, number of legs etc and even a mug shot. So when someone finds your wayward puppy they go to the site(listed on the tag), enter the tag number, and Blanket will let you know that your pooch has been found. And if you realize your prize poodle is missing you can notify Blanket and they will alert local shelters, SPCA etc for you. They will even print your "Poodle Missing" posters using the photograph you uploaded and even organize local search parties with other members. I love the designs on the tags don't you? - Cate designed them - she also has a very fun blog, Under The Blanket, which I really enjoy because she has such good taste and features all sorts of super stylish pet inspired gifts and decor. I think Blanket is such a brilliant idea, in fact our Mimi is now a member - she is sporting the orange gingham tag - to go with her orange leg, of course!

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