Thursday, November 26, 2009

I think you all have very good taste and I think you will appreciate this amazing map. The graphics are incredible. Printed in 1860, the colours couldn't be any brighter. Just a little bit of inspiration for my crafty friends.


Cameron Blazer said...

Gah! I. Love. Maps. In fact, I'm working on a design with maps now that might just be my favorite ever. Very inspiring!

jamaica byles said...

Love this...I lived in Baltimore for 10 years while doing my residency......would love to find a this( or similar) for sale?

Jeannie said...

Hi, Fiona.

I'm just catching up on your blog---when I'm at home I read you every day. We are travelling now, and I'll be in Paris until after New Year's Day. But what really caught my eye is the old map of Baltimore! My Baltimore house location is just barely on the middle image in the upper right hand corner. Lovely map.

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