Thursday, October 1, 2009

Random Objects
I don't know what got me thinking about these yesterday - I think we were talking about associating colours with numbers and I was saying how when we were in grade 1 and 2 in school in Scotland these wooden Cuisenaire Rods were all the rage to teach little kids the basics of mathematics. The principal was that math was based on a 1cm white wooden cube - 2 of these cubes made a red 2cm long rod - 3 of them made a green 3 cm long rod etc. It was very effective way of teaching math basics to little kids(we all carried around a yellow bag of rods at school) I don't know if these still exist - but what I retained from those math lessons was not particularly mathematics it was colour association. The number 1 will always be associated with white, 2 with red, 5 with yellow, 9 with blue etc. Do you associate colours with numbers and if so how did you develop this association?


Caty said...


1: white
2: pink
3: pale green
4: blue
5: red
6: green olive
7: yellow
8: orange
9: black

how? don't know, is what I see if I think about numbers

Cait said...

Your box of rods rushed me straight back to my primary school room and one small shelved area where these were kept and the area nearby where we sat for maths - I am Scottish, aged seemed the use of these rods was quite brief, I assume you were born in the 60's too...only you don't look it!!

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