Friday, September 18, 2009

It was very dark in here yesterday - did you notice? Lets brighten it up this morning - starting with this gorgeous montage of images that I snatched from super blog, Scoutie Girl - ridiculously pretty photographs by the talented Zee Longenecker


marzi said...

the colors are just like a bowl full of candy!

Zee Longenecker said...

Oh Fiona, I was browsing around, your blog is bookmarked and I started to follow not long ago. I think I found you on Decor8...I can't remember. It's so good to wake up, visit great blogs and have surprises like this! It was really a surprise! Wow! Thanks so much!

thea said...

love love love love LOVE love love. posts like this always make me hyperventilate a bit with too much inspiration! oh my goodness! what to do!


tara - scoutie girl said...

when brittni uploaded that post, my jaw about dropped to the floor. love zee's work. and thanks for mentioned sg!

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