Sunday, August 2, 2009

Repost | Inspiration | Vintage Indian Textiles
It's no secret that my work is really influenced by my grandparents' textile export business in India years ago. So I was excited when I found these wonderful images of Indian textiles here. These detail shots give me all sorts of good ideas for patterns and textures - I love the crude random stitching and the once rich colours faded to muted tones. I could look at these images all day. 

We interrupt this post with a photo of my grandma on an elephant in India - we have so many elephant riding pictures in our old family photos it must have been a very popular past time!

NOTE: This post was originally posted last year. I am repeating some of our most popular posts this week while I am on vacation - hopefully I will come up with a few new ones this week too. Hope you enjoy these textiles as much as I do.
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