Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I was thinking about why I find these Japanese and Chinese vintage tins so inspiring. I think it's because the designer of these tins faced the same design challenge as I do when I am designing cards  - fitting pretty imagery and a message into a defined (and confined) space. I have a lot to learn - these designers were amazing!

So here's what I can do with all my old tins. Put a glass jar inside and use them as vases for small posies - luv that idea! All of the above from High Street Market and The Fab Miss B


AnnaVallance said...

My favourite - Lazzaroni tin. I bought mine years ago when we lived in Vancouver and going to Como Market was always such a treat.

made sweet said...

these are absolutely gorgeous!! and i love the idea of putting flowers in the tins!!

Ederafaerie said...

What beautiful tins--I collect them as well, and the details are astonishing and inspiring! As is your blog--I just stumbled across it recently and am so glad I did, because it is a feast for the eyes :)


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