Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Catch up
Cafe Cartolina is a year old this week. And today when I started writing this post I noticed that I have 100 official Blogger 'followers' - I am so grateful - thank you all for visiting every day. Blogging has become one of my favourite jobs everyday.  And at this stage I would love to get some feedback from you regarding content. I am enjoying the way Cafe Cartolina has evolved over the last year. Basically if I love it, or if I find it inspiring in some way, then it will end up here - it's that simple. But if you'd like more Cartolina content then I'm happy to oblige! I have been very busy for the last month designing a whole new collection for Cartolina. I am excited to show you some new designs and we will have a big giveaway just as soon as all the loot is back from the printers. As many of you know designing takes a lot out of you everyday! I am very grateful for all the help I have at the studio - I don't have much time for any of the usual tasks around here when I have my designer's hat on and it's great to be able to rely on a few talented people who make my job easier. I am almost at the end of this design session - I'll get the files all off to the printer on Wednesday and then I am taking a few days off. We are heading to the Okanagan, BC's Wine Country. I am also grateful to fellow bloggers who share their content with the likes of me  - it makes it so much easier to bring you beautiful posts everyday (especially at times like this when I have very little time to spare.) Today I have some photographs from Kitty Shehan's, trip to West End Salvage in Des Moines. I discovered Kitty's blog when I started Tweeting - we obviously like all the same vintage treasures and I think you will enjoy them too . . . check out these awesome map drawers in the first image.{ Kitty are these for sale or are they full of more cool stuff?}

Kitty's blog is called Return to Bohemia and I think you will really enjoy it. One of the nice things about Twitter is that I have met some really great people over there(with great blogs) in the last couple of weeks. 


Temps perdu said...

I have no specific wishes, except, please don´t change. What I mostly enjoy with your blog is the large variety of issues images topics inspiration information ideas creations you provide. I also love how your blog reflects YOU. I like to feel that you want to show me, and all the other readers all the beauty there is, all the creativity, all the hidden treats and tresures.
It has been a true pleasure to follow your blog.
Wishing you a pleasant day.
Warm greetings from Helsinki! Nina

eco-stylista said...

I am enjoying your blog very much! The content is so rich and versatile and very much my taste! Congrats and have a nice holiday! Monika

vadjutka said...

Happy Blog b-day! I really like your blog, it is a visual refreshment for me every day!
Wishing all the best,
Judit / vadjutka

ks said...

Happy Bday Fiona's blog!
A huge amount of beauty packed into one space!

Thank you so much for sharing your insights and inspirations with all of us.
It makes my day every day---
you're such a bright ray of sunshine.

Thank you so much for sharing my images today!
These are actually from West End Salvage--the visit to Found Things was earlier. Same town though,
well worth visiting!

I think the map drawers are for sale, yes.

Kitty Sheehan

Julie said...

Congratulations on the cafe's birthday! No suggestions at all - love it just the way it is. :-)

Also, love the map drawers {drool}!

nathalie et cetera said...

happy happy birthday!

Lola G. said...

Mmmmmm......lovin' those map drawers. Given the opportunity, I don't know if I'd prefer a set of these or an old card catalogue from a library. Wouldn't it be fun to have that choice?!

Thanks for being here -- I truly enjoy all of what you bring to this blog.

mewpaperarts said...

I wouldn't change a thing! Cafe Cartolina has quickly become a favorite regular read! Keep the great finds coming--love the recommendations for new blogs as well, like Return to Bohemia.

AnnaVallance said...

There are certain things I need in order to start my day - a great cup of coffee, a grapefruit, fresh air, and a quick visit to Cafe Cartolina.
Congratulations! Keep up the great work.

dana said...

happy birth_blog_day

cartolina said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!
The most natural thing for me to do is to change nothing!
I never really know what I am going to blog about until 5 minutes before I post - it has to be a gut reaction to a product or an interior to make the cut.
So I'll just keep on blogging my favourite things and hopefully you will all keep on returning!


corine said...

You must know that yours is one of my very favorite blog. I drool copiously every time I read you. (in a good way) Happy blogiversary.

Carey@Lasso'd Moon Designs said...

happy birthday!! I agree- don't change a thing. I always love seeing what you'll come up with next.

Tricia said...

Congratulations on a year of blogging well spent! Love things as they are -- the more you change, so follows the blog. Can't wait for year two.

Pfeiffer Photos said...

First I must say I have no clue how you find all the lovely things you share with us daily. Everyone else said it well; it's a treat to visit you and let me add that your links section is just terrific also. Personally, I really have enjoyed your infrequent posts about yourself beyond Cartolina and would enjoy a few more. The rest, however, is just great! :)

Thanks for inspiring us and happy blog birthday!

Adrienne said...

Congratulations on your first anniversary. I can't recall how I came to your blog (probably through PoppyTalk or Design*Sponge), but it quickly became my favourite. I love the eclectic mix and I relate so well to your design sensibility. You always have such beautiful, beautiful images. I wouldn't change a thing, but if you do, I trust you! Raise a glass to you in the Okanagan!

Julie said...

My only comment is keep going! You do a wonderful job of gathering such a beautiful and versatile mix of inspiration to share. I appreciate the constant updating and freshness ~ it is always a highlight of my day. Thank you and congratulations!

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