Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Neck of the woods
Here's something different, just for today. I haven't done this for a while - an entirely local post (local, as in Nelson BC). I actually remembered to carry the camera around with us on Saturday  -  so here's how I spent my Saturday morning. 

First we went for a walk at Cottonwood lake(above) and then we headed in to Nelson(below)

On our way into Nelson we ran into my old friend George(below) who owns the antique/junk store in Nelson and he was on his way to a yard sale - so I followed him (always a good junking technique  - follow the expert!)

I got some very cool stuff at the yard sale including these books, biscuit tin, clock, egg holder thingy etc. My favourite thing is the old steel tape measure - it has wonderful vintage numbers on it.

Next we went to Cottonwood Market which is held every Saturday morning - lots of fresh produce and hand made items. I had a great time looking through this guy's carpets from Iran(below) Totally fell I love with the pinks, reds and tourquoise in that beautiful 10ft runner(2nd image) Too bad I don't have the perfect spot for it.

After the market we went to check out the new antique store - and ran into my friend Linda. We were both drooling over the gorgeous upholstery on this 1930s sofa(below) I also loved the collection of wonderful asian antique furniture and art pieces. This will be a wonderful addition to the shopping scene in Nelson.

After the antique store we went to Oso Negro for a coffee(below) - the patio is open now and it's a great spot to sit outside - Oso is a Nelson institution!

From Oso we headed down Herridge Lane to visit Tracy Fillion at Very Hush Hush(the silver Airstream trailer full of cool and stylish treasures)

I spotted a few new things that I loved including these ear rings from Lauren Elgee(below) and card pockets from Flightpath Designs in Vancouver.

I was really interested in these badges (below). They are like giant Boy Scout or Girl Guide badges for grown ups.  
Made in Canada by Lee Meszaros check them out.

Well that's it - that sums up my Saturday morning in Nelson - a little bit of local content. I hope you liked it -  it's good to have something different now and then.


Pfeiffer Photos said...

You should do this more often; it's personal and so fun. And hubby and I should visit Nelson--that lake is fantastic! :)

Laura said...

Nelson looks amazing! Wish I could spend a Saturday morning there ;)

Spring Day Studios

Candied Fabrics said...

That Cottonwood lake photo is great - the water is so still!

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

I liked the totally local was fun to see what you picked out at the yard sale. The tin certainly looks like the graphics you love.

Cathe said...

Love the local tour, Fiona!

ks said...

gorgeous day. love the wire egg thingee!
the upholstery on the couch is beautiful too.
glad you had your camera!
thanks for sharing!

marzi said...

of course, your thrifty finds are my favorites! right up my alley once again. i promise you that i will be visiting nelson before i die! ;) such a neat looking little town.

AnnaVallance said...

We have not been to Nelson in quite a few years and after looking at your wonderful post it looks like we should plan a visit.

Jen @ said...

What a great weekend! You know it's funny- I have a pair of earrings from Lauren Eglee. When I recognized her name, I thought "what a small world!" Thanks for sharing...

Shakespeare's Bride said...

I love these pictures. Nelson is so pretty- postcard pretty. So much inspiration! Sounds like a fabulous weekend.

BJ Lantz said...

That large bedside clock makes me want to dig out my collection that has been packed away for a few years. I just ran out of room and reasoned, they'd once again be like a new discovery to me one day. I certainly couldn't part with any of them. And that clock in your post is just like one my grandmother had in her room. It ticked so loud (it is packed away with my others). I did keep one mantle clock out in my art studio. It had been in my room (at my grandparents) as a child.

andrea of ffft said...

OK, so I went out and perused the antiques shop after visiting your blog last weekend and just fyi, I am going to sell a kidney for the sofa set, you cannot have it. I appologize profusely! I just need to figure out where in my teeny one bedroom (that I share with two young boys, did I mention?) I will be putting it.

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