Friday, March 20, 2009

Fan Tan Tastic
I'd like to show you these boxes that I bought at Fan Tan Market at the weekend. They are vintage Chinese and they are so pretty. Fan Tan Market, not to be confused with Fan Tan Gallery, is a rabbit's warren of a store that you enter on Fisgard St and you exit into the dark and spooky narrowness of Fan Tan Alley(below)! They stock every Chinese import you can imagine from cheap little plastic whistles to vintage silk lanterns all piled high in an ancient cave-like space. Anyone who's been there(Hanna?) knows what I am talking about - it's brilliant fun!

Here are a couple of pictures of Fan Tan Alley - it's as creepy and cool as it looks.

The boxes remind me of the 1930s Shanghai posters that we found last summer at that local yard sale. The posters are about 20 years older than my new boxes, I think. I still love these posters - I see them on Ebay now and then but they get snapped up really fast.
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