Friday, February 6, 2009

Inspiration | Tinsel Trading Company.
I wanted to show you some pictures from the new Tinsel Trading Company. They have moved around the corner from their original location that they were in for, I think she said, 70 years. They still sell all the wonderful new and vintage trim, ribbon, fringes, buttons and bows that they are famous for. The store has less character than the original(it would be heard to recreate the atmosphere of the other store) but they still have great old fixtures, tables, cabinets etc. It is the vintage trim that catches my eye at Tinsel - some of the ribbon and trim that they have is as old as the dresses I posted yesterday from Sak's window - and indeed some of it could be the same trim used on those historical costumes. They are awfully kind and friendly in the store and they encourage you to take pictures and samples and open all the little drawers etc - love it. Enjoy . . . 

Next week I will have lots of street level pictures to show you - some of my favourite store fronts in the Village and Soho. So stay tuned.
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