Thursday, December 4, 2008

Vintage |  Posh Bags
We love Posh in Chicago! Here are some great interior shots of their store - isn't it fantastic? Let's go. It could be our first Cafe Cartolina field trip :-)

Can't leave for the weekend without posting something vintage, something worn or something with a great patina. These bags(below) have it all - I love these, especially the first one - which almost looks new(and could almost be from Fossil, but it's not, its a vintage postman's bag from Holland) and you can get yours from Posh. We love Posh - oh did I say that all ready?


made sweet said...

I want to go on a Cafe Cartolina field trip!! that sounds like a great weeked.

Julie said...

My mom is in Chicago and goes to POSH once a month or so just to see what new goodies they have. Wish I lived closer! (or maybe my pocketbook wishes I didn't)

Brittany Noel said...

Field trip!

That place is stunning!

My Notting Hill said...

Were you recently in Chicago? I was there this past Mon - Tue. I've been before but I didn't make it there this trip - love it though.

andrea of ffft said...

Gorgeous as usual! My how I have missed you...

I wonder if you could do me a wee bit of a favour? You know, with all of that downtime you have? I have put some market research questions on my blog that I need many many people to answer and would love any insight you have. I am just trying to finalize a line and get things going and am at the scary part :)

It all gets easier from here, right? LOL

Many happy snowflakes to you this season!

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