Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday | Thanks!

It's Friday and I just wanted to say thanks for another fun week of blogging. It's been great to read your comments this week. I think it's important to talk about design - not just post pretty pictures everyday that we can all swoon over - so I really am interested in your feedback. Thanks!

edit: I just noticed the book at the base of this pile of books is my "Something to Do " book. I have had this book since I was about 6 years old. It is partially responsible for my art and crafts lifestyle - do you remember a book in your past that influenced you to be the person you are today?


Julie said...

fiona - well, you're welcome! I'm really enjoying your blog. Your eye for design is truly unique.
The "thanks" card tilted at an angle is quite cute - makes me smile. :-)
Tell us more about the Something to Do book? What's inside?
I don't have a book that inspired me to be what I am (I'm not sure exactly what I am - yet) But Ann Rand's book Atlas Shrugged sticks with me a lot. Oh, and that as a kid I loved playing "school" and "office" might have something to do with my paper obsession. :-)

Julie said...

sorry, that's Ayn (not Ann)

poppy said...

and thank you for visiting my blog - and commenting!

a book from the past - funny, the one that iremember was a book on cooking for kids where you could make all these funny faces with food and stuff. i loved that book and wish i still i had it. it didn't influence my cooking, but i still like making animal pancakes and fruit faces!

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