Thursday, July 31, 2008

Design | Packaging

In my previous life - before stationery I did some packaging design as part of my life as a freelance graphic designer. I really enjoyed it especially the intricate nature of designing complex boxes - it's a real science. Over at they have a great selection of award winning packaging designs. Here are some that caught my eye recently.

This can, above left, is from a paint company and the rolls are oversized paint chips.

These are bags of chips.

I really like to see great type on packaging. I love the simplicity of the wine labels above and the type design is so refined and graceful with the big wax seal above. I would pick up this bottle in the wine store for sure - just for the label.


Julie said...

What beautiful packaging! I think if I bought those chips, after they were eaten, I'd save the wrapper. :-)

Cartolina said...

Ha ha, I'd do the same thing, and add it to my sticky-but-inspiring collection of random wrappers - you must have one of those too Julie, do you?

Carey said...

Wow- gorgeous work. Makes me wish I had something that would require packaging from them...or maybe I'll just have to make something, LOL.

Molly said...

Gorgeous! Those are the prettiest chips I've ever seen. ;-)

Cathe said...

Those are just gorgeous! I'm going to have add this new site to my list. Packaging is also one of my other passions, too! Something I used to do alot, but it was all techie stuff... not like these consumer products!

Oh, these are just gorgeous! Did I say that already?

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