Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trends | A perfect union

Have you seen this trend? I am sure you have. I have been giving it some thought - I find it strangely appealing.
Using a powerful national symbol as a cushion, to sit on, really is a bit of cheeky irreverence don't you think? - but it's such a great graphic. Why does it work? Well I guess it's such a graphically pleasing arrangement of colours and shapes - a familiar icon that rings of more patriotic times perhaps.

The Americans have used their patriotic symbols as decoration for years - stars and stripes have become a well used motif on everything from quilts to dog's collars to doormats. But the British are more conservative with their traditional icons, it has taken them longer to associate the flag with fashion - { that's if we don't include Union Jack t-shirts during the punk movement of the late 1970's and Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell's, sequined, Union Jack bathing suit - good grief! }

One question I have though, is, Is this just a trend for expats, like me? Or is it a trend that YOU would introduce to YOUR home and fashion style{ presuming that most of my readers are not British! } What do you think - is it more a decorative statement than a patriotic or political one?

I think that basically, in this age of visual overload, symbols that were so important to us 100 years ago are less important, politically, now and are being embraced by the masses as pop culture, art and even craft. And I'm just fine with that, Jack.

Two top pillows are from Rocket St George. 
Four bright coloured pillows are from Karen Hilton
Leather cushion from Coffee and Cream
Bag from Paul Smith at Bloomsbury
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