Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oddities | Tombees du Camion

Well who can resist a flea market? I love to go to markets and have been lucky enough to go to some of the most amazing flea markets in Europe. There's nothing like getting up at the crack of dawn and heading out to look for something special amongst the boxes of dust and rubbish. I can't resist a table covered in someone elses old treasures  - have to stop and rake through it! 
Now it's not like I am obsessed with old stuff.  As I have said before - it's just a reality, that in the quest for artistic inspiration, one will inevitably often end up back at the old stuff - you don't find inspiration at Walmart.

I ran across this website the other day - Tombees Du Camion and they sell the strangest and most delightful stuff. Just the kind of stuff I like to find at a flea market! The imagery on their site is very intriguing and I think you will be drawn in by the oddities. They have 2 stores  and I would love to go there. Here is a glimpse of what's in store these days.

Well - I certainly think it would be worth the trip to Tombees du Camion. I love the look of all those little boxes full of tiny little relics(above). Did you notice the blinking eye on their website? 
Tombees du Camion have a store in Paris and one in Toulouse - but for now just check out their excellent little site.
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