Monday, July 28, 2008

Random Objects | angry tiger label

This is not a happy tiger - what else can I say?  He's a very old label, part of a package. Apparently the designer, way back then, thought that this unhappy tiger would be the perfect image to sell the product!  I think this was probably printed around the turn of the century judging by the printing technique. 


Julie said...

Hey! That tiger looks like me on a Monday morning before I've had my coffee. ;-)

Cartolina said...

I have a happy tiger too Julie - I'll save it for a Friday!

dr perpendicular said...


Fiona Cartolina said...

Dr Perpendicular
Swastikas appear in vintage design all over the world and are nothing to be alarmed at. You even find swastikas on 500 year old native american bead work.

drperpendicular said...

thanks for that.. I sincerely never knew... I adore your work. It's exquisite.

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