Monday, July 21, 2008

Paige Russell | North American Wildlife Series

So I am running the risk of being told that I am the last one to have noticed these - oh well! 
I was browsing through the Poppytalk Handmade Market  and I stumbled across this RV by Paige Russell. According to Paige this is a vase or an "anything vessel". I love it. I love it's originality and I adore the way she has photographed these pieces against a paint-by-numbers background. Very clever. I think you will love them too.

So as you probably know I am often influenced by vintage design in my own work and you may start to think that's all that inspires me but, on the contrary - when I see an original idea, whether it is modern, vintage or kitch, I am inspired. It's the originality of the design that excites me and motivates me. This series of vessels is a wonderful, original concept. The real beauty is in the idea. Paige has produced each one beautifully and her choice of paint-by-number presentation is brilliant. Good job - you have inspired me today. Thanks!

Paige Russel is a BC artist based in Kelowna, a 4 hr drive from here - we're almost neighbours!
You can buy her wonderful art at her Etsy shop here.


poppy said...

hey - and isn't the way they're styled in the photograph great? i wish i could have the exact same thing in my home.

cathehs said...

I love the styling, too! So fun! Uh, oh... I see other things on her Etsy store that I like. I think I am going to need to put together a long wishlist somewhere!

Great find, Fiona!

Cartolina said...

One of my other favourite pieces by Paige is the cylindrical vase which has been chewed, almost in half, by a beaver - yup, a beaver.

Anonymous said...

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